Position :Freelance Visual Artist
Location :United States
Degree : (BA Hons) Illustration with Animation
Specialties :Photo-realistic Digital Painting, Illustration and Commercial Poster Art



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Adobe Spotlight
Adobe Spotlight
"U.K.-based Lambert harbors an extraordinary talent as a digital artist. His photorealistic paintings, playful illustrations, and animation artwork blur the lines between painting and reality, and open vistas onto imaginary worlds.."
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BBC News
BBC News
"UK-based artist Kyle Lambert is known for visual works created using computer equipment.."
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Huffington Post
"Kyle Lambert Combines 'Toy Story' And 'The Shining' Into One Quirky Nightmare.."
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Kyle Lambert

Visual Artist - Painting & Illustration


My name is Kyle Lambert and I'm a US based visual artist that specialises in the creation of visually striking paintings and illustrations for film, television, advertising and print.

My work combines my passion for art, technology and storytelling. I trained as a traditional oil painter/illustrator and consider my main strengths to be the manipulation of colour, light and form to visualise story sequences, character designs and environment concepts.

I have a fine attention to detail, a strong work ethic and place a lot of emphasis on research and experimentation in my work. I thrive on the constant challenge to learn and improve as an artist and love what I do.

My clients include Apple, Adobe, BBC Television, GQ Magazine, Paramount Studios, Pixelmator, Savage Interactive, Vanity Fair and Wacom.

If you are interested in hiring me for a project please get in touch using my Contact page.

Tools I use

I work from day to day on an Apple Mac Pro with the a Wacom Cintiq 21 UX and an Intuos 5 graphics tablet. I use a range of software including the Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya and Apple's Final Cut Studio.

When away from my Mac I use a combination of my sketchbook, SLR, iPhone and iPad to develop my ideas. On my iPad I use a number of art apps including Procreate, ArtRage and Adobe Ideas. My stylus of choice right now is the Nomad Brush Compose.

I have compiled a full list of applications and tools that I use on my Links page

Features & Events

My artwork has been featured in a number of newspapers, technology websites and television programmes around the world, including The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Engadget and the BBC's One Show. YouTube videos showcasing my work have received over 2 million views, including a portrait of Beyoncé which is displayed on her official website.

Kyle Lambert - Featured Video

I was the 'Featured Artist' at the Macworld Expo in 2011, where I was invited to deliver a talk about digital artwork and give live demonstrations. I've also given talks about my work at the Apple Stores in Covent Garden, London and San Francisco.

My artwork has also been featured in a number of product announcements including Adobe’s Touch App announcement at Adobe Max 2011, Apple’s iCloud Launch and Apple's Year of iPad video, which was presented onstage at Steve Jobs' iPad 2 announcement event San Francisco.

I have written a series of artwork tutorials which have been published in Macworld magazine. These can be found on my  Tutorials page.


A full list of endorsements can be found on my  Linkedin Profile

"Kyle is becoming widely known for his ability to create beautiful and imaginative photo-realistic artwork. We called on Kyle to help with our Adobe Touch Apps launch as we believed that he could show off our apps on the iPad and on Android tablets better than most. Kyle showed my team and me that the capabilities of our own products were beyond what we could have imagined. He drew a realistic looking eyeball with Adobe Ideas which is a vector drawing app. To say it was amazing was an understatement.

Kyle pushed the capabilities of the software as well and gave us valuable feedback to improve our technology. Not only is Kyle a gifted artist but he is well spoken, professional and kind- I felt comfortable asking him to speak directly to the press on Adobe’s behalf. Kyle is someone to keep your eye on."

Meghan Boots

Product Marketing Manager, Creative Suite Products - Adobe Systems, Inc.

"I loved working with Kyle, he is an excellent artist and works fast. His attention to details is in my opinion the best side of him. Not only that, he was one of the most organized artists I've seen. I would definitely hire him again in the future and hope to do so.”

Michael Marcondes

Director at

"It's hard not to be impressed by the artistic talent of Britain's very own Kyle Lambert. Kyle is a great ambassador for iPad creativity, be sure to follow him on Twitter and expect to be regularly impressed.."

iPad Creative


Kyle Lambert - About

Kyle Lambert - About - Bio, Endorsements and General Information About Visual Artist Kyle Lambert

Endorsements and General Information About Visual Artist Kyle Lambert

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Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert - Visual Artist - Painting & Illustration

Visual Artist - Painting & Illustration