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Adobe Photoshop Touch (iPad)

Adobe Photoshop Touch (iPad)






Returning Stars iPad Painting by Kyle Lambert

Returning Stars - iPad Painting


As part of the pre-release testing team for Adobe Photoshop Touch, I was asked to create a piece of artwork that could be used as a case study for the official release press material. I started off by sketching a composition for a cinematic portrait in Adobe Ideas. I then used the Adobe Kuler app to select a limited color pallet to use when painting.

Adobe Touch Apps

Using the creative cloud I imported my sketch into Photoshop Touch on my iPad and began painting my scene in black and white. Using a gradient map I then overlaid the color scheme I had designed earlier in Kuler. To finished the piece I used layer filters to add grain and texture to the piece. The finished study can be found on Adobe's Photoshop Touch website.

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