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Tools Used


Brushes (iPad)

Brushes (iPad)






Toy Story 3 iPad Art Finger Painting by Kyle Lambert

Toy Story 3 iPad Painting

Painting Characters

To really push myself to see what I could create on an iPad I decided to recreate a scene from the movie Toy Story 3. This was a challenge because it would require me to paint a number of small but detailed characters and paint elements such as the Toy Story logo.

The biggest problem I faced was working around the 5 layer limit the app had at this time. This meant that I had to work in a very organised manner character by character and flatten the painting each time.


Following the attention that my previous Beyonce iPad painting had created, this piece again went viral across the web.

Kyle Lambert - Toy Story 3 iPad Painting - Pixar Visit

I found out later during a visit to Pixar Animation Studios that the video I posted of me painting the image was played for their employees in the main Pixar screening theatre.

This painting lead to my next Toy Story related project - Toy Shining. Here I depicted the Toy Story characters in Stanley Kubrick's classic, The Shining.

Toy Story 3 iPad PaintingToy Story 3 iPad Painting - VideoToy Story 3 iPad Painting - iPad